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Our History

Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc. (PAWI), was established on October 8, 1976 as a joint venture between FPS of Italy and Romeo S. Rojas to engage in the manufacture of alloy wheels in the Philippines.

The company's first production of its Rota brand of wheels was in 1977, with an initial production capacity of 4,000 wheels a month. In just the company's first year, Rota wheels are chosen by Chrysler-Mitsubishi (Philippines) as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for its vehicles passing through the stringent OEM specifications of its parent company in Japan.

The following year saw other major car assemblers engaging the services of the company to manufacture their OE wheel requirements for their vehicles. These companies included Ford, Datsun, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz, Opel and Volkswagen.

In 1983, after seven years of operation, PAWI became a 100% Filipino corporation. It also marked the year that Japanese technology was introduced into the company's manufacturing operations.

In 1988, PAWI develops its "magnesium-strengthened, heat treatable alloy," making Rota wheels lighter yet stronger and more durable. The following year saw a major upgrade of facilities as PAWI introduced state-of-the-art technological improvements in the form of the latest equipment and machines that speed up and improve chemical analysis, machining, painting and finishing. With the comeback of Toyota into the Philippine market, they chose Rota wheels as their OE wheels, as well as Daihatsu.

In 1990, a milestone was met when PAWI hits a record production of 20,000 Rota wheels per month.

Today, PAWI produces alloy wheels of world-class quality, using state-of-the-art technology. A new series of upgrading has since boosted its production capacity to new heights of 50,000 wheels a month. More than ten times of its capacity when it first started.

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