Manila International Autoshow 2014

People packing the Rota booth to check out the display
rota booth

Heres the team manning the booth
manning booth

Mar Medina’s 86 rolling on Rota SS10
mar medinas

Rocket Bunny 86 rocking Rota RK-R staggered wheels. 18″ up front and 17″ wide at the back
rocket bunny 86 rkr

from another angle
another angle

PAWI President Michael Rojas with Gino Del Rosario With the model Lhea B.
lhea B

208 GTI with Rota Grids
208 gti

Paolo M’s beefed up STI

Wheeldude’s Paolo Martinez’ set up is all about stance.  Eversince we can remember he always had the most aggressive set up in the local scene and this one is no exception.


Check out the concavity of the Rota Rt5’s.  18×10 offset 30 with 265/35-18 Nitto tires



beefed up_rt5_pao_NStxjVonbdp_jLYcBUfeGeFNYBr_2H9x1zKJVcaEDLk,G7fsjMrSYlyR-WjBBgqL0YmmDlx4eDSjT6x8hLEc_YA,h8MMgKF8QAaZelPLzFd7jmlR_2BI4-nO7dcVkvldBNk,fpcqKrnSWKw56mYnCrFJqLvuDx7XzGAkZ0_ZmraoXUY


side profile

side profile_rt5_pao


rear shot rear shot_pao_rt5_YzWPnenhQPUwOSIO6GyY10Poav-qH1TO1N_WwZoFNDo


awesome stance




rolling shot FTW


Acoustic Engineer Jiggs hermano ‘s first mod was installing 17″ Rota Titans.  Just after a few weeks he installed a beefier set of rims.  This time he rolled on  Rota Mxr in wide fitment.  18×9.5 on all fours with offset 38.  Tire size is 245-40-18 Advant Sport.  
Jiggs 86


ready to play scL4hFeRMPQeY_k1leVAt-GD3E9ishzkk57LSbseYRs,dP39wJBczacyIRDuYmmrbtE43vnfrXCCZQbZSQMebHQ,ipR_DyIceQRY6dqKFVyb37cv-W3NSNEiiYmiYDeQk4c


close up



quarter shot


Heat treatment Shoot

I was able to find a good location in the office so I took a few cars there for a shoot. I dont know how I lasted in this area coz it was boiling HOT. This is Rota’s heat treatment facility

Philip Alvendia’s WRX with Rota MTS 18s hyperblack

close up Rota MTS 18s hyperblack

Ranch Evo V with Rota Dpt/Fighter 10 time attack

Rota Dpt flatblack red lip (Time Attack)

Micmic Rojas’ “Moneypit” ae86

ae86 with Rota Rk-R

Jp Carino’s 86 with Rota Aleica rims


side by side

Pawi’s Heat treatment shoot finale

Hot Import Nights Manila

Hot Import Nights Manila was held last March 24 and 25 at the World Trade Center.  The show featured over 500 cars and motorcycles and was highlighted by import car models Jeri Lee and Nikita Esco along with UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste.  Female superstar drifter Hiromi Kajikuma was also present showcasing her tire burning skills

Japan’s top female drifter Hiromi Kajikuma

Hiromi in Action

Hiromi showcasing her tire burning skills

Hiromi standing beside Pao Agregado’s ae86 rocking Rota Rb wheels

on display at  the Rota booth. Nino Garcia’s race bred suby rocking Rota flatblack Ik-R’s

Rota model Joycee Castro

Producer Jonathan Chio’s Genesis rocking Linea Corse wheels. Rota is the official distributor of Linea Corse. Check out

Custom Paint Rota SVN rims on a GD

Wave 891’s Station Manager Garry Caoli’s ae86 rocking Rota Rk-R in magnesium black

Import model Nikita Esco go-go dancing


Jeri Lee pumpin the crowd

Jeri dancing

welcoming UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste

Marc Thomann’s crazy fast ek rocking Rota Gt-3 rims


Circuit Showdown Round 3 at BRC highlights

Rota wheels is the official partner of Circuit showdown and here are the highlights of Round 3 that happend last May 4 at the Batangas Racing Circuit

Paolo Mantonlino’s suby with highlight blue Rota Grids

pao attack


Evo V with Rota Dpt/ Fighter 10 17×9

evo V rs

Steve Rojas’ evo 4 with Rota G-force

stivo evo IV


gd with Rota Svn’s


Nino Garcia’s Suby rocking Fighter 10/DPt flatblack rims

nino in action


Jp Carino’s Evo 5 with Rota Grids Sports bronze

evo v rs with Ik-rs 17x9 sports bronze